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Please note....

  • To advertise your Panther on these pages.............Just email a nice .jpg photo and details of your Panther along with £price, contact details and location to Your ad will be placed onto the website asap.
  • If you have sold or located your items please contact Geli Klause email "webmaster -at-" so your private details can be removed.
  • Adverts are FREE. Members cars on until sold, non members for 2 months.
  • If you have seen a car you like, join the PCC Ltd and ask any committee member to assist in your purchase.
  • Please give us the price you paid for your Panther car for a guide to the valuation of your Panther model.


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"Buying a Panther car"

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The PCC recommend that you never make a payment for an item without first verifying the identity of the seller and of the part you are buying. Remember that sadly not everyone online is as honest as we would wish them to be.




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