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Panther De Ville for sale


De Ville for Sale


Panther De Ville Panther De Ville Panther De Ville Panther De Ville
Panther De Ville Panther De Ville Panther De Ville

1976 Panther Deville   One of the World’s Finest DeVilles

I have owned this car for 5 years, and have spent a great deal of money making her breath takingly beautiful. I have many cars, and simply never use the car
The car creates a crowd wherever she goes, people hang out of their car windows to take photos, as the colour combination is beautiful, and the only DeVille in the world in these colours
Over the past 5 years, I would estimate I have driven the car around 200 miles
I am the press secretory of the Panther Car Club, and I have other Panther Cars, including a J72, Lima, Rio etc.
The car is simply stunning, the paint work does not have a mark on it, not even a pin head mark, the interior was originally red leather with black carpets, and I have had this changed to Cream Leather piped blue with Blue Carpets piped cream

This is undoubtedly One of the finest Panther DeVille motor cars in the world, well known within the Panther Car Club and around the world, as the car is simply stunning
I had two DeVilles, and I sold the sister car to this one to the movie company who mad the film Cruella, if you watch the movie, look for my old car, it’s the black and white one
Since the movie came out, my blue and white car has ben in local radio, television and featured in the BBC news
Much featured and photographed, if you google Panther DeVille this car comes up all over the internet
53000 Miles from new
Kept in a heated garage
Features the famous Cluster of Amethyst Radiator Mascot
When new these cars were built for the rich and famous, with the owners of Panther DeVilles being like a Whos Who book, these included Elton John, Oliver Reed, Marty Robins, Don Johnson, George Forman, Shah of Iran, Johnny Halliday (The French Elvis and New Unopened CD included!) etc.
The car has been only ever entered into 3 cars shows, and won awards at each of the 3 shows, these will go with the car
Chassis Number 2024R which makes this car Number 7, out of 58 produced
This means the car is what is known as a Mk1 DeVille, this is signified by quarter lights in both the front and rear door, and a raised swage line where the colour curve is on the front doors
Originally the car was Pacific Blue and Glacier White, but I have had a bare metal repaint in Rolls Royce Peacock Blue and Ford Glacier White, which are almost the same as the original colours, but it makes the car look even more beautiful 
Built for H R Owen and left the Panther Westwinds factory in January 1976, and first registered on the 1st of January 1976
The first owner was the Chairman of Birds Custard, with the original registration number being 1 EOV
The car is now registered as 2 WXA, and this registration number will be kept by me, so the car will revert to a P Registration number once sold
I have owned the car for 5 years, and since I have owned the car, I have had the following work carried out..(This is not everything! There was more than this spent)
Bare Metal Respray in Peacock Blue and Ford Glacier White which took 18 Months and cost £28000.00
Re Covered  Seats, Door Cards, Centre Consul etc. in Cream Leather Piped Blue. New Carpets in Blue Piped Cream Leather, with matching Over Mats. New Headlining in West of England Cloth at a cost of £6500.00
Modify Centre Consul as not fitted correctly when new at a cost of £300.00
Mechanical Work whilst stripped in Paint Shop £1500.00
Replacement Aluminium Radiators x 3, which are far superior to the original Steel Items, and aid with cooling much better £1850.00
Mechanical Work at David Marks Jaguar Nottingham (One of the World’s Leading Older Jaguar Specialists), which included a replacement gearbox, overhauled brakes, suspension, etc. which makes up a 5 page invoice and cost £14000.00
Mechanical Work at Stoneleys Garage Mansfield £820.00
New Stainless Steel Highly Polished Wire Wheels x 5 and New 235/70 R15 White Wall Tyres x 5 from Motor Wheel Services (MWS) £4300.00
New Battery £140.00 (Less than 1 year ago)
New High Torque Starter More £180.00
New Alternator £80.00
New Fan Controller £83.00
SG Barratt Parts £300.00
David Manners £69.00
David Manners £77.00
UK Fixings £15.00
Earlpart Door Weather Strips £42.00 and £92.00 These were modified by me as these were originally custom made for the car by Panther
New Electric Wing Mirrors which I found in Lithuania! £240.00
This totals £58600.00, and in reality with other bits its probably around £65000.00 + that I have spent on the car
If you want to buy one of the most beautiful cars in the world, this is it
The car is of course free from any finance, is owned by me, and registered in my name
The car being 45 years old is of course Tax and MOT Exempt, but I David Marks put it through an MOT when then competed there work on it, just to be sure it would pass, even though it was not needed
Complete with Extensive History Paperwork, Bills, Hundreds of Photos, Awards, etc. etc.

Price £125000.00

I would consider a Part Exchange, but it would have to be something interesting
The Car is Located in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom
I can arranged delivery within the United Kingdom, and ship the car overseas if required
Tel: 07970 472894

Panther De Ville Panther De Ville Panther De Ville Panther De Ville
Panther De Ville Panther De Ville Panther De Ville Panther De Ville
Panther De Ville

Panther De Ville Convertible--V12 Jaguarmotor

28000 mls
gepflegter Zustand
viele Ersatzteile und Literatur
1983 zum ersten Mal in Deutschland zugelassen worden

85.000,-€ , +49 (0) 36450/31361,  mobil :+49 (0) 171 9976136



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