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Panther Car History

The Panther West Winds Car Company was started in 1972 by Bob Jankel and built unusual cars, often pastiches of older models. The factory was near the Brooklands racetrack in Surrey. The main models built were:

J72: Styled on the Jaguar SS100, with engines from 3.8, 4.2 or 5.3 V12 engine. Convertible 2 seater, aluminium body. Approximately 376 built from 1972 to 1986.

Panther Cars History - J72
Panther Cars History - Rio

Rio: Based on a Triumph Dolomite floorpan, 4 door luxury saloon. Only about 18 built

Lima Series 1: Small Bugatti type 2 seater, based on a Vauxhall Magnum floorpan with the 2.3 litre magnum engine and running gear. GRP body Approx 600 built from 1976 to 1978

Panther Cars History - Lima 1

Lima Series 2: Similar to the series 1, with 2.3 litre engine, but with stronger box section chassis, walnut dash. Approx 300 built from 1978 to 1980. Some later registrations due to stock in Vauxhall garages

Panther Cars History - Lima 2
Panther Cars History - De Ville

De Ville: Styled on the Bugatti Royale, 4.2 or 5.3 litre engine. Hard top and convertible versions. 46 saloons and 11 convertibles built, 1974 to 1982

Panther Westwinds original factory in Canada Road, Byfleet was set up for production of all models being produced at that time including the Lima. After getting into cash flow problems it was bought from the receivers in late 1980 by Jindo Industries, the company revamp was headed by Young C. Kim and became the Panther Car Company. The new aluminium bodied Kallista was introduced in late 1982. In late 1983, with the ramp up of Kallista production, the company moved its production facilities to a new location inside the Brooklands circuit and retained the Canada Road site for its service department. Production continued there until 1988. The company then moved to a new site at Harlow and continued making the Kallista and then the Solo.

Kallista: available with 1.6 or 2.8 Ford engines (subsequently 2.8i or 2.9i engines as Ford changed designs) Approx 1437 built 1982- 1990

Panther Cars History - Kallista
Panther Cars History - Solo

In 1989/ 90, Panther stopped production of the Kallista to concentrate on the Solo, carbon fibre body, 4 wheel drive, 2litre Cosworth engine. Debatably 14-21 made in all, after which Panther stopped manufacture in the UK.

The Panther 6 is an extravagant six-wheel convertible powered by a mid-mounted 8.2 ltr (500 in³) Cadillac V8 engine with twin turbo chargers.
It was produced by Panther Westwinds in 1977. Only two cars were ever made, both of which still exist.
The six wheel configuration was possibly inspired by the Tyrrell P34. The layout was one pair of rear wheels with 265/50 VR16 tyres and two pairs of front steering wheels with 205/40 VR13 tyres.
The specification included a traditional convertible soft-top, electronic digital instruments, air conditioning, an automatic engine bay fire extinguisher system, electric seats and windows, a door mounted telephone and dashboard mounted 3” television.
Claims for the top speed of this vehicle suggested it was capable of over 200 mph (322 km/h), however these claims are unsubstantiated.

Articel Octane: Out of this world

Panther Cars History - Panther Six




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