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Wanted - Panther Solo Driver's Handbook.

Please email me:

Many thanks,
Michael Mason

Pédalier Panther Lima Phase 2 de 1982 chassis

Jacques Hourcastagnou Member of Panther Club LTD N ° 2986

Having recently acquired a Panther lima phase 2 chassis 81L019.

I am looking for a crankset to bring it into conformity


Jacques Hourcastagnou Membre du Panther Club LTD N°2986

Ayant acquis récemment une Panther lima phase 2 châssis 81L019.

je recherche un pédalier pour la remettre en conformité

France Tél 06 14 92 90 02

WANTED left door wooden doorpanel

I am in need for a left door wooden doorpanel for a Panther Lima 1980.

Please contact me should you have one or if you can help me finding such a panel.

Rogier Keukens

+31 6 53953831


‘Wanted’ the centre boss from an original Kallista steering wheel complete with ‘Panther’ logo.

If you’ve changed your steering wheel for an aftermarket wheel you may have kept the original wheel and the central boss. Contact the


Wanted: Right door for Panther Kallista 1983

I need the right door for Panther Kallista 1983.

Contact for me:
Name: Ales Podany
Steret: Pod stadionem 405
City: Klasterec nad Ohri
ZIP code: 43151
Czech Republic


Thank you for help. Ales


Wanted: Thermostate housing

I nead a thermostate housing  for a 2.9 ford colgne engine desperately 
please email me on 
thanks colin


Wanted: Complete rear axle (including the differential)

Panther Lima Mk 1 (1978)

Spec; D axle – Ratio 3.44 :1 (from Vauxhall Magnum)

Contact details are :
Mobile: 0755 788 7839

Wanted: Window regulator mechanism for Panther Kallista right door

French Club and a member of the PCC Panther passion , I want a window regulator mechanism for Panther Kallista right door .

Thank you for your help

J.Paul Sebille / contact

The PCC recommend that you never make a payment for an item without first verifying the identity of the seller and of the part you are buying. Remember that sadly not everyone online is as honest as we would wish them to be.




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