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Panther Solo for Sale


Panther Solo Panther Solo Panther Solo
Panther Solo Panther Solo

Make: Panther 

Model: Solo 2

Year: 1990

Engine size: 2 litre cosworth engine 

Last run/on road: Currently taxed, insured and mot’d ( which I believe to be the only one in the uk) 

Milage: 5500

Price: We are looking at offers in the region of £100,000. 

This is the only Panther solo 2 for sale in the world from what I can see.

Based in Bridgnorth, United Kingdom. 

Contact Athan Athanasiou on


Panther Solo  

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the full description of the Panther Solo!

1992 Panther Solo 2

I would ask any members interested in discussing my Panther Solo 2 to get in touch with me by either telephoning me on +44 1743 792029 or via email on

My thanks and regards,

Bob Clare


Panther Rio for Sale


Panther Rio Panther Rio Panther Rio Panther Rio
Panther Rio Panther Rio Panther Rio

Panther Rio Especial

My Panther Rio Especial is up for sale as I am cutting down on the number of cars I have, and once this sells, I will have 4 Panthers left, plus other cars, and that’s enough, so my Rio is for sale

Famous past Rio owners include the footballer Jimmy Greaves and Betty Davies Ltd

Those in the know, will know what this car is, but for those that don’t, it was based on the Dolomite Sprint, which makes mine the Especial version, which is the one to have, as some were based on normal Dolomites

If you google Panther Rio, and go to Wikipedia, you can see my car, and read up all about them

There are 7 Rios left, that’s it, there were 6 we knew of, then 1 popped up in Saudi Arabia I never knew about a few months back, so it seems there are 7 left

So as you can see, this car is rare, as rare as you can get, and the best you can get

They only made 18, as Panther used every other serial number, so it looks like 36, but it’s in fact 18, as the cars were 3 times the price of the car they were based on

Mine is the second from last Rio made, and was Blue when new, but was changed to black many many years ago, and black suits the car better, as it has a black leather interior

The car has electric windows, air conditioning and a nice auto gearbox, and the build quality of the Panther work is superb

The car runs well, starts quickly and drives very nicely indeed

SAY 300R is the best known Panther Rio in the world, and has been featured in many magazines, copies of which all come with the car

Such as Classic and Sportscar, Triumph Word twice etc.

35900 miles from new

The car is well known within the Panther Car Club and has been shown at many shows, including the NEC and Essen, where it always creates a great deal of interest

The car has been maintained regardless of cost for me by TR Enterprises, who know Triumph based cars inside out

She was first registered on the 09-02-1977, and she has had 3 previous owners before me

The car is of course historic, so MOT and Tax Exempt

Recent expenditure I have spent on the car is as follows..
£398.16 at TR Enterprises
£1060.98 at TR Enterprises
£1770.00 at TR Enterprises
£3589.92 at TR Enterprises
£271.74 at Rimmer Brothers
£1620.00 at the Detail Room
£3000.00 at CL Coachworks

I had the car resprayed soon after I brought the car which was in July 2017

She is fitted with the correct Avon Tyres, which helps to make this the mini Rolls Royce she was intended to be

The car is fitted with a high torque starter motor, and the subframes were removed, and the suspension rebuilt, using poly bushes etc.

I have all the bills along with extensive paperwork for the car

I have also had fitted a DAB radio with Bluetooth, that looks like an older radio, the model is a Caliber RMB 120DAB-BT/B

I popped one of the fuel diamond fuel tank additives into the car, which is meant to prevent issues caused by Ethanol in the latest petrol’s and Stale petrol

I am asking what I feel is a fair price for the car, as find another one, and if you can, find one that has all the jobs done to it that this one has

She is all ready to go, and drive off to her new home

The car has been kept in a heated factory unit, under a cover and on a trickle charger

Price: £21000.00

Tel: +44 (0)7970 472894


The PCC recommend that you never make a payment for an item without first verifying the identity of the seller and of the part you are buying. Remember that sadly not everyone online is as honest as we would wish them to be.




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