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Manchester Classic Car Show 2013
Saturday 21st- Sunday 22nd September 2013

A new indoor show started this year at Event City Manchester, organised by Andy Rouse who has run the NEC show in the past. Val and Terry have had good contacts with them so we decided to support the show.

When we did a similar event in April this year we were at the far side of the exhibition hall and we had to set everything up including carpet. This time we were in Hall 4 which is fully carpeted- luxury! (Val’s contacts again!)

Which meant that setting up was a doddle. We took the backdrop we use for the NEC and had the whole thing assembled in 1½ hours. We had a half island stand ie we backed on to another stand, which turned out to be the local branch of the Porsche 924 Owners club. They didn’t have any stand material or banners, it was just going to be the cars.

Now the square boards we use on our stand are black one side, white with logos on the other. Which meant that if we wanted to use our backdrop in an alternating black and white checkerboard pattern then their stand would be backed with Panther logos also! So I searched the web for some cheap material and bought 20 metres of black upholstery bottom cloth (the stuff you see on the underside of chairs) for £12. We taped that to the back of the stand so the Porsche club had a plain black backdrop (weren’t we good to them).

Anyway, our stand looked absolutely brilliant, so professional, for a small club we certainly punch above our weight. 

We had a few members visit, and had enough passes so that they could get in free, it was good to see everyone.

This was the first time this show had run, so we were not sure how popular it would be. An indoor show is affected by the weather just as much as an outdoor show, since that influences whether people will turn up- and this weekend the weather was quite nice, bit of an Indian summer weekend. We walked out at the end of the show into warm sunshine!

The visitors ebbed and flowed but we had a few who were very interested, even as far as thinking about buying Panthers (“I want to buy a Classic Car but hadn’t considered a Panther”) who of course got the full tour including sitting in the different models to see if they fitted- Watching someone squeeze into a Lima 2 can be amusing!

The organisers gave us a glass trophy etched with “Panther Car Club supporters of the inaugural Manchester Classic Car Show” which was nice. Thanks to those on the stand who showed their cars and assisted with the assembly and dismantling- Peter and Vivian Heighway, Mick and Gwen Underwood, Andy Greig and Alan Shaw, and to Terry Borton for helping to man the stand.   Thanks also to Val and Ian Sandall (our video photographer) for getting the stand materials up to me.

Andy Stobbie

Please, click on the photo to see them in larger size.

Manchester Classic Car Show 2013 (Saturday 21st- Sunday 22nd September 2013)(Photo by: Andy) Manchester Classic Car Show 2013 (Saturday 21st- Sunday 22nd September 2013)(Photo by: Andy)    





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