100+ Club

What is the Panther 100+ Club?


Some members have asked what the 100+ Club is so I have written a short explanation for you.
The object of the Panther 100+ Club is to raise funds for the Panther Car Club. Membership is only open to members of the Panther Car Club Ltd. and requires an additional annual subscription of £12.00. Having paid the annual subscription, members will be allocated a registration number (ball) which entitles it to take part in the next 6 draws.
Members may hold more than one number.
Prizes will be given to the first two balls drawn out of the bag.
The size of the prizes are linked to the number entered in each draw, and are doubled for the draw, drawn over the Grand Gathering weekend.
There is no limit to the number of times a number may win in any one year, but it may only win one prize at any one draw.
Only when a subscription has been paid, for the appropriate draw, shall the registration number be eligible to take part in that draw.
Full rules of the 100+ Club are available on request.

For Example:- Draw number 56 which was a standard draw had 94 participants/members and had a 1st prize of £53.89 and a 2nd prize of £26.95

Geoff Coad
100+ Coordinator






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