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Millie the Rio is For Sale

I have 2 Rios and want to sell one, hence Millie is for Sale
She is the a normal Rio, so has the conventional Dolomite engine, and is the 3rd from last car built
I have had a lot of work done on the car, and I would say she is about 65% done
The car when I got her was blue, and I have had her put back to the colour she was new, but with a white painted roof instead of a black vinyl one, so she looks more up to date
The external bodywork has all been done, as can be seen in the photos, and she looks great
What is left to do is she needs a replacement chassis leg, the interior wants tidying, and the engine a service
I have had the base of the rear seat recovered in leather, so its more a case of little things than major things like recover the seats
Mille as she is known is very well known, and has a large history file to go with her
I feel another £2500 to £3000 spent would have her perfect
The car is RHD and is located in Mansfield, UK
The asking price is £7000.00
There is no current MOT on the car, although the car had a valid MOT when I brought her, and I have had a vast amount of work done on her since then
Although the car is of course MOT and Tax Exempt being new in 1976

Tel: 07970 472894 - Peter R. Mayo


The PCC recommend that you never make a payment for an item without first verifying the identity of the seller and of the part you are buying. Remember that sadly not everyone online is as honest as we would wish them to be.




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