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Gawsworth Classic Car Show - 7th May 2018


We have been coming to the Gawsworth Classic Car Show for about 15 years now. Most years it is cold sometimes freezing or wet. This was the first I could remember that was warm and glorious at the start of the May heatwave.

We have a usual spot, as regulars among the bluebells at the side of the stately home although because of the height difference to the entrance involves a long tour round the perimeter of the grounds. I always go over the day before the Show to mark out our pitch- well we don't want the Morgans next door muscling in on our parade.

The last few years we have had a joint Panther Citroen stand joined by my co-organisers of the Woodsmoor Classic Car Show Antony and Carolyn with their DS & 2CV, although this time they had booked a holiday so it was just us. Nevertheless a 2CV van turned up looking for them so we tagged them on round the corner!

Gawsworth is very laid back compared to the regimentation of other Shows, I go over the day before to mark out our pitch based on a rough estimate of how many cars we expect. I had emailed round and was expecting about 6-8 Panthers

We arrived second, getting the usual “Wot time d’you call this!” from Mick! (Reed it wi’ a Doncaster accent). Up with the Gazebo and ready for business. A steady stream of Panthers followed. Great to see Maurice and Edith again. Rob Harrison is getting Eric’s Lima into good shape, the man who did my gearbox is working his magic on it. Regulars Geoff & Jane Jones and Alan Shaw arrived and a warm welcome to Dominic Sullivan.

Phil Drake came over from Hull, sporting a rear valance on his Lima 2. When Phil bought it  there were a few variations from the standard Lima wrought by various owners, one being a towbar in place of the rear number plate, so it had a square number plate off to one side. I know we like our variations to the standards on Panthers but this one just didn’t look right. We had discussed a few times how to get one and Phil has managed to make a mould, looks pretty good. He is doing well getting it to look right

So a magnificent eight. The warmth and sunshine  continued all day and we had a great picnic. Thank you everyone for coming.  Great to see everyone again and a good start to the new season.

Andy Stobbie

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Gawsworth Classic Car Show - 7th May 2018 Gawsworth Classic Car Show - 7th May 2018 Gawsworth Classic Car Show - 7th May 2018 Gawsworth Classic Car Show - 7th May 2018







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