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25th -27th July 2014
Silverstone Classic


26th July 2014
Didcot Railway Centre


27th July 2014
Walsall Arboretum (Walsall) / Area 8


July 30th 2014
Earls Barton


August 3rd 2014
Classic Car Show Windsor


The Brecon and Radnor Express Classic Motor Show


Mt.Edgumbe Show, near Plymouth / Area 12


August 9th 2014

Castle Hill in North Devon


Aberaeron Vintage and Family Show


August 10th 2014
Shugborough Hall



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Club Activities / Events 2014


Copy date for magazine Issue 190:

July 20th 2014


Panther Cars and Parts for sale / Wanted


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Service / Cars & Parts for Sale / Wanted



29th July 2014:
-> Service / Kallista for Sale

23rd July 2014:
-> Service / Sold cars (Kallista)

21st July 2014:
-> Service / Kallista for Sale (price reduction)
-> Club Activities / Events 2014 + Area 12

8th July 2014:
-> Club Activities / Club Event Photos / 2014 (Alsace)

7th July 2014:
-> Service / Lima for Sale (price reduction)

30th June 2014:
-> Club Activities / Club Event Photos / 2014 (Spain)
-> Club Activities / Events 2014 (August)

27th June 2014:
-> Service / Sold cars (J72)

23rd June 2014:
-> Club Activities / Club Event Photos / 2014 (Bromley)

17th June 2014:
-> Club Activities / Club Event Photos / 2014 (Deal Show)

16th June 2014:
-> Service / Kallista for Sale

27th Mai 2014:
-> Service / Sold cars (Kallista)

26th Mai 2014:
-> Service / Kallista for Sale

21st Mai 2014:
-> Service / Lima for Sale

19th Mai 2014:
-> Club Activities / Events 2014 (August)

16th Mai 2014:
-> Service / Kallista for Sale (Poland)

13th Mai 2014:
-> Club Activities / Events 2014 (August)

8th Mai 2014:
-> Club Activities / Events 2014 (July/Spain)
-> Service / Kallista for Sale

4th Mai 2014:
-> Club Activities / Events 2014 (July)

24th April 2014:
-> Service / Kallista for Sale (UK + NL)

23rd April 2014:
-> Club Activities / Events 2014 (June)

22nd April 2014:
-> Club Activities / Events 2014 (GG booking form)
-> Service / Sold cars (Lima)

4th April 2014:
-> Club Activities / Club Event Photos / 2014 (TC Essen)
-> Club Activities / Events 2014 (June)
-> Service / Lima for Sale (Germany)

1st April 2014:
-> Club Activities / Area Australia (new)









Bi-monthly mag



Panther Trip to Spain.
1st June – 11th June.


Alsace Trip.
20-27th June 2014

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Deal Classic Car & Motor Show
May 25th 2014


Bromley Pageant
June 8th 2014

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June 11th 2014

Tickets for the Grand Gathering at Prescott Hill on the 6th September  can be purchased now  please contact Val Bridges or send a stamped address envelope details in magazine or  email val.bridges(at) . Tickets for entry are £10.00 per person . The club has the prestigious Corporate area at Prescott Hill. This wonderful location promises to be a very enjoyable location for this year’s Grand Gathering.
Val Bridges

February 27th 2014

Silverstone Classic 2014 - code for purchasing tickets !!!

You will soon if not already have received your latest magazine with an article and details about The Silverstone Classic 2014. There has been a slight blip with the code information for ordering tickets. The code for purchasing tickets should end with a 1 not 0 for all Panther models except  the Panther Deville code which is different from other models as it’s on the parade. The full code is in the members only area of the forum. 
Thanks Val

February 21st 2014


The DVLA has responded to a growing number of enquiries from people confused about changes to tax exemption for historic vehicles.
The first changes to the way older vehicles are exempted from paying Vehicle Excise Duty in more than 16 years are due to be brought in this April, which will see classics made during 1973 exempted from paying road tax.
the DVLA has this week reaffirmed that the planned changes to historic vehicle exemption are still taking place, with pre 1974 classics exempt from 1 April 2014.
David Whitbread, DVLA spokesman, said: “From 1 April 2014 a vehicle manufactured before 1 January 1974 will be exempt from paying vehicle excise duty.  Vehicle keepers need to complete a V70 form, the application to exchange a vehicle tax disc. 
“They then need to send the completed form with accompanying documentation to DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1DZ.”
0300 790 6802

Techno Classica Essen

26th-30th March 2014


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Forum News PLEASE Read.

The Forum as you are aware can be a very useful way of communicating with other Panther  Owners. It gives access to  problems members  are having with their cars  and the solutions others have found.  This has been and is proving so useful to many who are experiencing technical difficulties. But how to do jobs and where to get parts are only a couple of useful points the Forum has to offer. When one is doing a restoration project on a car this facility can be the answer to your prayers. Information on Cars for sale and  what’s going on in the Panther Car Club are all on the Forum.
Many of you (PCC members) have signed up for the Club Forum, but are not getting full benefit from what it has to offer. If you have registered, of which 372 of you have, do not forget the Forum has a PCC 'members only' area which is accessible only by registering your PCC membership No with Nick Woodward (Forum Admin). To do this just email Nick giving your Name,  Forum Name and Panther Car Club membership number (this can be found on your membership card) Nick will then automatically give you full access to the Forum allowing you to use all areas of the forum that so many of you are missing out on . For those of you are not Panther Car Club members & only have access to the general forum area, you will only be given full access by joining the Panther Car Club (see
So get busy drop Nick an email  itmustbemagic (at)







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