Wroughton Airfield Classic Car Show 2006

6th August - Wroughton Airfield Classic Car Show and Autojumble (Nr. Devizes, Wiltshire) -
This was a new venture for both Panther and the organisers of the event and we were well represented by ten cars, (including two new member couples), who came from far and near to make the most of the excellent showground and facilities.
Most car clubs were also well represented and the organisers pulled a masterstroke by not charging admission for the general public who turned out in large numbers.
The presence of a good Autojumble, well represented for a provincial show, added to the enjoyment of the day with most of us buying bits/parts/spares we were looking for - including myself with an elusive in-line water valve!
The weather was kind to us and helped to bring out the crowds, many of whom were pleased to see Panthers and learn of their history - a good PR exercise we felt and hopefully from one contact, I feel sure we will get at least one new owner/member.
We would all like to thank Terry Noble for his organisation and enthusiasm.
Those who attended were :-
Graham and Tony Ansell - Kallista 1.6 (new members)
Tom Brockman - Lima Mk 1
Geoff and Rosalind Coad - Lima Mk 1
John Dixon - Kallista 2.8
Bernard Lister - Kallista 2.8
John and Linda McCormach - Kallista 2.8 (new members)
Terry Noble - Challenger E Type (Lima off the road)
David Oakley - Kallista 2.9 i
Adrian and Judith Randall-Sly - Lima Mk 1
Terry Price - Kallista 1.6
Thanks again Terry - we should do this again next year! Terry Price.