HELD ON MAY 14TH 2006.

Right, lets get Area 8 (MidShires) on the road. I’ll start with some phone calls to rally the locals. First call… “Got no doors on car”, but should be okay. Next call, “the steering column is being replaced”, but should be okay. Next call, “car is at the exhaust fitters” but should be okay. Next call, “We’re looking after the family pet” but should be okay. Next call, “That’s okay”……What ! “Yes” we will be there.
Then what about me…..Well my new engine & g-box are fitted but awaiting some hard to find specified g-box oil. “But it should be okay”. If not we will have to pass off our newly acquired MX5 (Eunos) as the support vehicle.

The recent weather had been atrocious, so added with the out of action cars, goodness knows how many (if any) would turn up. Sunday morning arrived, our Panther was now up & running, but only with a rough set-up so had a thirst for fuel. Oh well, its only 10 miles or so. It had stopped raining so the hood was down (as left from last year). 5 out of 6 promises arrived over the next 2 hours complete with doors, steering etc etc etc. Only the exhaustless car was missing. We even met up with a couple of our PCC members from Wales, no Panther though! The days weather improved so much that both I & a couple more of our number went home with red faces (Sun cream being a Panther glove box essential).
The show was new to us, not bad at all with a good cross section of classics, plus some weird & wonderful sights. The market & auto jumble gave up some useful items, as each returning member usually had a carrier bag full of something.

A fitting start to our newly revived local group. We agreed to meet next at CARS IN THE PARK, LICHFIELD on SUNDAY 2nd JULY… But we still need more of your Midlands support………Call TERRY BORTON 01543.278860 now! I also proposed a local Sunday morning (incl pub lunch) mystery tour some time around the end of July, most nodded to the affirmative but again, your support is req’d.
Thank you show attending members, who were…
Russell Parsons (L1)
Stuart Walley (& son) (K2.8l)
Maurice & Edith Price (L1auto)
Colin & Diane Rawlins (K2.9i)
Mave & Me (K3.0l)