Redhill Air Show 2006

The day was forboding with grey skies, but undaunted Louise and I turned up at the airfield bright and early. Being the first there we were able to get a good pitch for our gazebo, which soon proved to be a good move as space was very limited, as we were fighting to erect my new gazebo thank goodness all the other cars arrived, and their occupants were able to assist with what was meant to be a one man operation.

In all eight cars turned up, three limas and five kallistas, once we had arranged the cars to the liking of the official in charge [ loads of shuffling and re-shuffling] we were able to arrange our seating for the air display, which was due to start at 2.00 pm, it being only 10.00am we were able to have a good look at the other cars and various stalls, and of course to catch up on all the gossip.

Before the show started I took my eldest grandson and my niece for a helicopter trip once round the airfield, they seemed to enjoy it so it was definitely well worth the cost [I enjoyed it anyway]. About 12.30 I made a big jug of pimms which proved to be popular for it all disappeared ," must make more next year". The show kicked off with the Battle of Britain flight with the spitfire and hurricane making low passes right in front of us, the lancaster also flew accross the front of us giving a good view, a good display was put on by a catalina flying boat coming in really low, and a breathtaking display by the Utterly Butterly wing walkers, they are very brave or completely mad, also with the flyin boat was a Mustang fighter, it sounded really great screaming out of the sky and passing low right in front of us, there were various displays by pitt special, stompe and tiger cubs and the grand finale was a Hunter jet trainer "as in red arrows".

My thanks to all the people who all came from near and far and hope you all had a good day out, we only had one heavy shower and this was before the show started, so had little effect on our enjoyment.I hope we will be able to go again next year.

Bruce and Louise Taylor.