ADVANCE NOTICE                                                October 2007


New Book: “The Enthusiasts’ Guide to Buying a Classic British Sports Car”


Author: Peter Hingston (with assistance from Philip Gundy)

Publisher: Hingston Publishing Co.                                  ISBN:  978-0-906555-25-5

Format: 184 pages, 280 x 210mm.                                  Illustrations: c.600 black & white photos.

Publication Date: November 2007.                                   Price: £22.95  (hardback).


This book is a sequel to one the author wrote and published himself over 25 years ago. Its title was “Guide to Buying a Used Sports Car” and though it was only a modest booklet, it received good reviews in The Daily Telegraph, Autocar and Hotcar etc. With the passage of time, the cars he wrote about have become “classics” and he decided to write this rather more ambitious guide, a task which took him well over three years full-time.

The purpose of this new book is to provide a reasonably comprehensive buyer’s guide to over 150 classic British sports cars from the major manufacturers since 1945.

     This book is not simply a compilation of previously published information but includes much new material, generously provided by well over two hundred enthusiasts from over 70 car clubs. This new information includes revised production figures for some models, estimates of numbers of survivors for many models and a wealth of suggestions as to what to look for when checking cars.

A feature of the book is an 8-page, 100-point vehicle checklist, of use to both novices and experienced car enthusiasts, to help assess a vehicle’s condition.

The book emphasises the many advantages of club membership and there is an up-to-date UK club listing at the back of the book. It’s hoped that the book will go on sale for the first time at the NEC Classic Motor Show (9th-11th Nov 2007).

Further details about the book can be found on: 

or phone: 01981 251621 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm) or email: hingston @






A selection of unsolicited comments from Clubs, when they saw the draft text…


“From what I’ve seen I honestly believe it will become the standard work on classic postwar British sports cars.”

Alan Morgan, Chairman, Club Lotus.


“I thought the text (on the MG T-Series) was very informative, and reads exceptionally well.”

Stewart Penfound, MG Car Club T Register.


“I have had a good look at your Ginetta entries and you have done a good job, rather better than most Ginetta outsiders who attempt such things, I have to say.”     

Trevor Pyman, Ginetta Owners’ Club and Ginetta author.


“A quite excellent and well researched entry for the 2-Litre Bristols.”

Geoffrey Herdman, Bristol Owners’ Club Chairman.

“I do like your straightforward and concise method of dealing with what can be a very long and complicated guide to these cars. It makes easy and understandable reading.”     

Terry Horler, General Secretary, Midget & Sprite Club, and author of “Original Sprite & Midget”.


“An excellent and comprehensive summary of the Jaguar XK range.”

Mick Duffy, JDC XK Register Chairman.


“I have glanced at the Lea-Francis entries and they seem to be properly researched and pretty accurate, which is only too rare nowadays.”

Robin Sawers, General Secretary, Lea-Francis Owners’ Club.


“... most impressive, and I/we look forward to the publication of your book.”

John Craddock, Stag Owners’ Club.