N.E.C 2006

NEC Classic Car Show Oct 2006
Yet again, it’s that time of year when the NEC classic show is our club’s end of the active summer season event. The PCC being the sole Panther representative at the show.
For anyone who has been previously involved with the setup & manning of a stand, a sharp intake of breath is required to be there for the full 4 days, but at the end there’s a certain satisfaction especially when the PA announcement is made “the 2006 show is now closed” followed by a continuous blaring of car horns echoing around all 4 halls.

Setup day is just that, the logistics of turning our allocated patch of black concrete into a show stand is like a giant jigsaw without a picture to follow, yet by mid-afternoon we’re done. Carpet, backdrops, members area, Panther Car & PCC club info, & most importantly (this year) 3 fine examples of the Lima, in celebration of 30yrs of the model. A series1 ex trials car, a series1 rare auto car, & the series2 2006 GG best in class winner. A meagre “thank you” to the owners Roger Burn, Maurice Price & Graham Milligan doesn’t say enough. This year we added a 3rd dimension by putting 2 of the cars on tilt! (By having one side lifted onto support boxes).
As I was on duty throughout the show, 1st thing each morning I dusted down the cars (I know my place now, as ex-chairman!). You will not be surprised to hear that our stand was overwhelmed with visitors & potential new members alike. Our current membership being very much in evidence over the weekend too, with some of the committee attending too, just to man the stand. Any image conscious youngsters were usually to be found in Hall4 where the modern supercars were. Personally I thought the standard of the cars at the show was better than ever, but the spares/accessories & auto jumble is diminishing & giving way to more corporate type stands. I prefer to have a good rummage!

By Sunday we were pleased with our efforts & feedback, just the breaking down to be done, “hang on a minute” this year the NEC demanded drip trays to be put under the cars. So let’s see who’s won! before I had chance to recover them, two of our owners had already wiped them clean, to save embarrassment? So the new chairman was declared the winner by default (it was more a small puddle, than a drip!). I’m sure Kallista owners wouldn’t be able to enter this competition….Oops.
It took all day to erect the stand, but in roughly one hour it was all back in component form just waiting to be loaded into the box trailer from whence it emerged on Thursday (courtesy of Roger B). I won’t go on about the NEC traffic control arrangements, but I wasn’t impressed, & this meant the exiting show cars were held up filling the halls with petrol fumes. Phew…
And thank you all helpers.

Terry Borton.