Ludlow 2007

20 PCC members braved the appalling weather to attend the Marches Transport Festival at Ludlow this year.

After a top down trip from Stafford to Ludlow. The rain came down and it got WET WET & wetter. A shame for our first midland meet of the year. 9 Panther cars and members braved the bad weather and made the best of it.Some members diverted to the Rose and Crown around lunch time to refuel and dry out.
later we returned to our cars and a muddey field and just started to pack away when over the load speaker came the announcment that the panther car club had won the cup for the best car club display.
Terry Borton did an olympic sprint to collect it and a big cheer went up from the rest of us didnt we do well. What a triumph for our first outing.
Colin Rawlins.

"Ludlow Cup Winners"

We were all like drowned rats !. No car cleaning required.
For our united efforts, we were rewarded with the


I think that's the first for the PCC 2007 active event season ?
Terry Borton