Life’s never dull in the Bridges household, flying home from Spain on the 24th ready to repack and head South to the Ansell Pad. George and Tony had invited Ray and I and Sharon & Steve down on the Friday to help with the food shop and preparations for arriving Panther enthusiasts over the weekend.

Well what a fun packed weekend it turned out to be, You will be pleased to know The Panther Car Club Ltd now has its own Country Club House fully equipped with relaxing chairs to take a nap in,

changing rooms and swimming pool to enjoy and grounds to participate in light exercise!!!!! And of course a bar and restaurant!. It was obvious G & T as they are affectionately known had worked hard to make it a weekend to enjoy adding all those little extras!!! With banners displayed at the entrance and cars arriving the fun commenced. With a mountain of food to be cooked George was soon in his element on the BBQ

and members soon took full advantage of the pool using the appropriately named changing rooms and all the other activities including curling,table football,bouls and for the less energetic a quiz was at hand and Terry provided the music. After an energetic enjoyable day 14 of us sat down for dinner and a relaxing evening. The following day the energetic ones were up and off walking whilst I stayed behind to prepare some refreshments and Tony stayed to welcome new arrivals and another fun day was under way. The walkers returned and some decided to swim before food was served others overcome by the weekend viewed things from behind closed eyes and enjoyed the club house facilities!!!!!
Whilst bouls on Sunday seemed very popular.
Prizes were given for the overall games winner of the weekend being Jim Dempster and Sharon Nash won the quiz with a 100% mark for what was not an easy quiz so well done.
It was soon time to leave for home after a wonderful weekend hosted by our very enthusiastic members George and Tony who did us all proud and I know everyone attending would like me to say a Big Thank you for making us all so welcome in there lovely home and lets HOPE Herne Bay is on the Calendar for 2008!!!