Gawsworth Hall 2007

Magnificent 7 in the Bluebells
I think someone up there has it in for us… Third time at Gawsworth, near Macclesfield, and still not struck lucky with the weather. It is held on the May Bank Holiday, you would have thought with April being so dry… (Ahhh yoo Breeteesh, wot eez eet wiz yoo and yorr obzezzion wiz zee wezzer- can tell I’ve just seen the Allo Allo rerun programme can’t you!)

I pitched up at a good location at the top of a bank, with a good spot to place the banners. It was among the trees, and we were given just one parking rule by the organiser… DON’T PARK ON THE BLUEBELLS!! (Actually he didn’t shout and Rupert’s a really nice guy but that doesn’t have the same dramatic effect) Also the other minor problem was one of the trees had a rather large loose branch stuck in it high up as a leftover from tree surgery. Didn’t want to create a new model- the Kallista Flowerpot (Sorry must clear the thought of Terry saying Flobalob/ Weeeeeed!)
So the car layout was not in a line but more artistic, surrounded by bluebells. Should have been playing ‘Young at Heart’ (bit of trivia there, Pop pickers, the Bluebells recorded the record used in the Volkswagen Golf ads. - probably appropriate for Panther Drivers- Not ‘arf) Anyway I digress. Again.
Got a visit from some Morgan owners, always fun to wind up, or make a sales pitch to! I always claim Panthers are better because they have window winders. The rain wandered on and off, but stiff upper lip and all that chaps, just shrugged it off. But the roofs stayed up- we’re not that stupid (or as my dad would say, “How stupid are you then?”)
Still it dried up enough for a picnic under the deadly loose branch- did I mention that? And we had much engine comparing, and trying to work out what was wrong with Grahams indicators

"Terry giving a Masterclass on Panther Mechanics"

We had 7 cars in the end, ourselves, Geoff Jones Terry & Mave, Graham & Karen, Colin & Diane, Mike & Pat and, and Russ. Thanks to all who came, helping put on a good show -particularly to those who came over from the Midlands area (OK Terry yes it was 4-3 to Area 8, or 4-1½ - 1½!)

Andy Stobbie