Gawsworth Hall Classic Car Show

This was the second year we had done Gawsworth, near Macclesfield. It is held on the May Bank Holiday, so good to get an event early in the season, but a bit more Russian Roulette with the weather. And this time the chamber was loaded….
The forecast was on ... off … on… off … depending which one I looked at and when. So it proved with the weather which had showers one minute and sunshine the next.
We had a good location at the top of a bank, with a good spot to place the banner (until it fell over) Gawsworth is not regimented like many shows, you turn up the day before to mark out your pitch like a tom cat to keep those pesky Morgans at bay. The admission signs tend to be hand painted but for me that’s the charm of it

We had 5 cars in the end, ourselves, Ken Cash, Sean and Xia Pittaway, Geoff and Jane Jones and Steve Weatherby The banner always looks good, but the wind does not always play fair. Here Judy and Jane fight with the banner to turn it round, all in the name of a good picture:

Thanks all for coming and putting on a good show

Andy Stobbie