Litchfield 2009

Sunday 5th May Cars in the Park Litchfield 2009

Cars in the Park Litchfield 2009
Sue and I had decided to visit one of the UK shows this year and because quite a few club members were touring Ireland at the same time as Cars in the Park, Litchfield, we contacted Terry Borton to see if he would like an extra car at the show.
We set off for Cannock on Friday morning for a slow sunny drive up the north coast of Cornwall, Devon and Exmoor arriving at Terry and Mave’s early evening. On Saturday Terry and Mave gave us a guided tour of Litchfield and after Terry had done his stint at the famous “Speakers Corner” we had a late lunch and headed back to Cannock, Terry and myself took a trip out to look at Terry’s “project” while Mave and Sue prepared for the evening pre-show bar-b-q, Mave had conjured up three delicious curries complete with all the trimmings, and puddings to die for (I tried several).We had a great evening and we enjoyed meeting up with some of the Midshires posse that evening too.

Panther parade line-up

Sunday morning and with the threat of rain in the sky we headed off to Beacon park in Lichfield with the hoods up, after setting up camp we put the hoods down and the show stayed dry all day. We had been given quite a large area to display the cars, which numbered 9 in total, Terry organised us in a semi circle to make best use of the space. Entertainment for the day was supplied by Russ as he arrived in “Old Smoky” something to do with a leaking head gasket on his Lima I believe.
As well as us long distance travellers John Edwards from Basigstoke, Ray & Maggie Shaw from Yorkshire and Eric Wight from Cheshire drove the extra distance to be there, Making Cars in the Park a great success for the PCC.

Swop my car for yer watch ?

The honour of closing the show went to the Panther Car Club and whist we drove around the show arena in procession Mave was presented with the trophy for “Best Presented Panther” which was sponsored this year by Brindley Vauxhall of Cannock, Terry’s Kallista being the winner. The Mayor of Litchfield joined us in the arena to formally formally close the 2009 Cars in the Park event.

Attendees were;
J72...Ray & Maggie Shaw (Yorks)
Lima S1... Russ Parsons with “Old Smokey”
Lima S1auto...Maurice & Edith Price
Lima S1... John Edwards (Basingstoke)
Kallista 2.8... Stuart & Lynne Whalley
Kallista 2.9i... Griff Whalley
Kallista 2.8i... Eric Wight (Ches)
Kallista 3.0... Terry & Mave Borton
Kallista 2.8... Ray & Sue Smith (Cornwall)

Pcc Display Area

Pull my finger!