Cars in the Park, Lichfield 2007

Even with perfect planning, this year’s weather so far is doing its best to upset me! After the deluge at Ludlow that lasted all day I was expecting to have a very low turnout – But the Midshires Pcc members are a hardy bunch & arrived as promised. One car missing purely because it was marooned in its garage (safe & dry) Martin Monagham (owner) still came to support us.
Cars in the Park is a 2 day show, we only attend on the Sunday. Saturday was a complete washout & Sunday morning started out the same…”Oh well” weather proofs to the ready! Get the stand organised & cars in place. A ‘Horse shoe’ arrangement with one car (Kallista) highlighted as a centre-piece to celebrate 25yrs of the model. Visitors to the show were understandably well down, but the organisers did a sterling job. By lunchtime (no kidding) we were bathed in sun! And that’s how it stayed.
Its such a shame when ½ the allocated club stands are empty, however except for a collapsing gazebo happy faces were evident on our stand. The field was a quagmire where ever you walked which also made it a little exciting on our departure (anyone for a 4x4 Panther?)
4 x Limas (2 blue/white & 2 red/black as book ends) & 5 x Kallistas on show. 2 adjacent area’s visiting members Andy Stobbie, Fraser Robertson made up the number by supporting us.
Thanks one & all.
Terry Borton.