Bromley 2007

Bromley Pageant of Motoring 24th June 2007
During the week before Bromley the country was having a soaking from the rain, but we had hardly any rain here. At 4.00pm on Saturday Roz, Bernard and I went over to Norman Park, Bromley, to put up the tent and plinths on the Panther stand. While we were there we had a shower of rain but no rain at home 2 miles away. We hoped Sunday’s weather was going to be local showers.
We woke up on Sunday to see steady rain falling. This meant that I will have to put the roof up on my Lima, what a struggle it had shrunk as it had not been used for years. I could not clip on the outer windscreen fixings, but it will keep most of the rain out especially once the split in the rear window was taped up. We arrived in Norman Park, Bromley, at 8.30am to find 3 Panthers already there including Marc and his son (Matheiu) on their day trip over from Belgium, 4 hours travelling each way.

By 9.30am all 11 Panthers had arrived no queues this year. (4 had cancelled due to various illnesses). Much activity followed positioning the cars; setting up the bunting and flags, flower arraigning by Terry, but most importantly the teas, coffees and bacon rolls from Jackie and Roz. When it was finished the stand looked good thanks to everyone. The cars attracted a lot of interest with a steady stream of visitors 4 were seriously considering buying and took details of current cars for sale. We all took turns to go for a walk around the show in the rain, I found the other Panther in the one make parking area, (the owner has been coming on to our stand for the last 6 years takes a membership form, but never joins, let’s hope this year he fills it in). I also found the Owen Sedanca (featured in our mag a few issues ago) on the Jaguar stand.
While I was on to the stand talking to some of the visitors Ray and Roz came over to me with a piece of paper that they had just been given in the tent by an official saying that the club had been awarded a prize and could we bring the cars to the main arena at 4.00pm. There were 45 entries in the special display section. We all wondered what it could be, but would have to wait until then to find out. There were more cars on show than I thought there would be with the constant drizzling rain, even visitor numbers to the show were good, but were down on other years.

At 3.45pm we all drove our cars down to the main arena to await the call to enter. At 4.00pm we formed a convoy and followed the other prize wining vehicles into the arena. Prizes were given for the best 3 car club stand, best custom, competition, military, Pre-war, buses, motorcycle leaving just 3 prizes to go in the special display section then came the announcements in 3rd place the Dagenham dustbins the Granada’s, in 2nd place the Panther car club some of us walked up to receive the trophy and have the obligatory photos taken. Then the announcement in1st place the Jaguar car club.
Back to the stand and the job of packing up all the wet gear. By 5.30pm it was all done and everyone was on their way home.
I would like to thank everyone who attended for there help and support.
Geoff Coad
A list of those who attended. Deville = Ray.
Kallista = John & Jackie 1.6, Bernard 2.8, Val 2.8, Robert 2.8i, Marc and Mathieu 2.9i, Mick & Terry 2.9i.
Lima Mk2 = Geoff & Duncan, Jim, Steve & Scott, Geoff & Roz.

"Bromley Cup"