Rugeley Bypass

The Opening of the Rugeley Bypass

How could Midshires follow the enjoyment of the excellent Grand Gathering for their next "roving meeting"? Only one thing could fill the void - the opening of the £25m Rugeley By-pass!
Invited by Staffordshire Council were classic cars, buses, lorries, community groups etc. A group application was made and the date set.
After an initial meeting on a local pub car park for four of the Panthers - which Maurice and Edith treated as a "fly-by", presumably to show off their newly-aquired MOT - the cars drove en-bloc to the collection area. Joined by a great variety of classic cars, veterans, scooters, buses, lorries and a JCB (locally built) we gathered for the grand opening. At the appointed hour the procession set off.
It was at this stage we realised the organisers had set their net a little too genorously with too many diverse groups taking part - Police with their blues flashing in the lead, followed by Shire Horses - doing what shire horses do every few hundred yards, then the Morris Dancers - trying to avoid what Shire Horses do every few hundred yards, then the classic cars steaming along at the pace of Morris Dancers trying to avoid....... Oh Happy Days.
The commentator congratulated the superb collection of MG', and then asked for applause from the crowd to cover his own embarassement. (Well at least he missed out kit-cars!). Eventually we parked up to display our cars alongside the ‘new’ Panther Car Club banner and stepped into the exhibitors area.

Whilst being totally supportive of local groups, the WI's flapjacks failed to slake our communal thirst, and a short drive was necessary to the local "2 for 1" hostelry in order to discuss the day. Plenty of chat and laughing - especially at the way a certain Lima could produce a cloud of smoke if Stuart stood near it's exhaust pipe. More plans made for our next meeting and even for the Christmas "do". Many thanks to Terry and Mave, Colin and Diane, Maurice and Edith, and Stuart.
Russ and Karen Parsons.

Terry’s footnote….Also “as seen on local TV, Saturday evening”