Beddgelert Welsh weekend.2006

On 9-11 June we had a weekend in the Welsh mountain village of Beddgelert at the Bryn Eglwys Hotel. Fridays are always a rush for us, not helped by dinner being at 7.30pm. Turned out mine host was ex military, and we think the hotel was run along these lines. We were delayed by a diversion on the A5 and Richard and Shirley came all the way from Leicester. So we had a later sitting of 8.30, but no sooner had we got a G&T when we were rushed through into the dining room. 4 Panthers between us, Dave’s having broken down on the way

Saturday morning was red hot, and Dave Hough had laid on a little surprise for us. We were joined by Gwynedd and Nerys Jones from Llanbedrog, who don’t get too many events their way! They have an early (Y reg) Kallista, which has had major restoration over the past 3 years, being one of these “left in a farmers shed for 10 years” vehicles. So we were up to 5 Panthers. Fortunately Gwynedd and Nerys know the roads quite well, so we had a super tour of the Llyn peninsula, ending at Aberdaron for a snack, and kite flying on the beach for some of us.

Then on to the National Trust house at Plas Yn Rhiw (bit distracting as England were playing Paraguay at that moment although by all accounts we didn’t miss much!) I did decide not to fly an England flag from the car, just to be on the safe side with the paintwork. Don’t lump me in the same boat as Anne Robinson!

On then to a tea shop at Llanfaelrhys, with wonderful views out over the sea. They got a bit swamped by all these people turning up at the same time, well there were 15 of us. At least we had something to look at while we waited…..

Then back to Beddgelert, Gwynedd and Nerys peeled off home on the way. The hotel was good and I can recommend it. However the owner was ex- forces, so following Friday nights erratic arrivals we thought we would get to the restaurant at 7.30 prompt. Unfortunately this was too much like using our own initiative and threw the staff somewhat. Makes for a more interesting time though.
Saturday evening was brightened by the arrival of Reggie. Judy, Jensen and Dave Hough were quite taken by him as you can see here.

Although what Fraser was doing with his hand up Reggie’s **** make of it what you will.

Sunday morning started bright. Would we dare ask for fruit juice and cereal, even though they were on the same section of the menu…. bit of a close shave there….

Then made our way home. Thanks Dave for organising a brilliant weekend in Wales.
Andy Stobbie.