Workshop Weekend 2006

Had a good trip down to Plymouth from Essex on Friday with Jim Dempster riding shotgun and had a couple of beers with Andy Graves in the evening. Arrived at Andy’s workshop at about midday on Saturday as this gave him time to clear up any outstanding work from Fiday, from then on there was a steady stream of cars coming and going for the rest of the afternoon. I hogged one of the two-post lifts for most of the time as I was replacing the flexible breakpipes & fluid and had problems getting all the air out of the system, also changing the gearbox and back axle oil (I figured that after 16 years it could do with a change!).

Sunday was a bit more relaxed with fewer cars but all of the lifts were occupied all day. Over the weekend there were a veriety of jobs done, from ordinary service oil changes to rear shocks replacement, Exhaust system replacement, Fuel Gauge sender replacement and an awfull lot of talking.

I also saw the airflow re-siting mod on Terry Kerswell’s 2.9i which looked good, I hope that we will see a report on how successful it is in the future.

Sunday evening was spent at Andy & Mary's home with Ray & Sue Smith where we had a Chinees takaway plus a few beers, a perfect way to end a great weekend.

Monday morning the trip home was good with blue skyes although it was a bit fresh. After about 3 hours the frostbite set in so the hood went up.

On behalf of everyone that attended, a special thanks to Andy for opening up his workshop and allowing us to use all of his facilities.

Mick Laplain