Cars In The Park (Lichfield) 2006

Sunday 2nd. July and Lynne and I set off for our first visit to Lichfield's Cars in the Park , and as with most of our outings we were running late (my fault for trying to do some final polishing), so much so that the Kallista was running on empty and I had not got time to fill up, which caused Lynne to express her opinion on the way to the park. We arrived to see Terry waving us to the stand, where the Panther banner and bunting fluttered in the gentle breeze. Terry placed us among the other Panthers and introduced us to the members, this being Lynne's first club event. Terry promptly organised a seven car parade of the arena which had me cringing in my seat; thoughts of being pushed out if my fuel failed. Incidently can anyone tell me why my car only covered 145 miles on that last tank of fuel. Could it be due to my showing off to the baseball hatted boom-boom boys that my son gets me to take for a ride? “Go on dad, please”. He even offered to fill it if he could take it out himself. Some chance ; just wait like I did for 26 years.

We returned from the arena and Terry again organised the stand. Now with 10 Panthers on display ( 4 Limas and 6 Kallistas ) this had turned out to be the best attended Midshires event yet ; thanks in some part to two visitors from Stockport and one from Wales. I took a walk around the park and was impressed with the variety and quality of the different cars there but no single make came close to bettering the Panthers. The unfortunate halting of the falconery display due to an incident with a child gave rise to some comments about Feed the Birds that would have not been uttered by Mary Poppins.
The day concluded, as we departed, with the start of rainfall and only half a mile later one of the Stockport Limas was having the hood erected for the one hundred mile trip ahead. Being hardier Kallista sorts we braved the three mile trip home hood down. Once again Terry and Mave had worked hard to make a success of the day, creating the ' Panther Way ' display and holding a BBQ the previous night.

Attending the event were : Colin & Di Rawlins, Russell & Kay Parsons,Terry Borton & Mave Bedow, John McCartney, Graham & Caroline Milligan, Fraser & Helen Robertson, Lynne & Stuart Whalley, Maurice & Edith Price, Andy Stobbie and Mike Morton