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Panther De Ville Panther De Ville Panther De Ville Panther De Ville
Panther De Ville Panther De Ville

Panther Deville Advert April 2015
Are you looking for that unique classic car that turns every one's eyes? This is the car for you. It has been on show at the NEC Classic Car show many times and as recently as November 2014!
It is a 1976 V12 5.3L automatic in very good condition. Full service history and only 52,000 miles. It was one of the first made by Robert Jankel of Panther so it was very well built and in very good condition. Engine runs smoothly but there may be a slight problem with the automatic choke but easily fixed as it has a Jaguar engine in it.
It has original red leather upholstery and the black roof has not bubbled at all. It is 18 feet long in a stunning blue and arctic white colour that make it stand out from the crowd!
It come with full service history and a bespoke cover (£150 extra), it has been garaged and very rarely driven in the rain so it had been lovingly looked after.
Once you own it, do join the Panther Car Club as they are great people and don't be surprised if you are invited to join them on many fun classic car shows and tours as well as the NEC Classic Car show itself! It is one of only 48 saloons ever made and it has even been in the German Classic Car Show in Essen!
Julian Chen
Mobile 07775 420095

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